Ways of Applying Hair Oil


Hair Oil
Though in present days you will get various options for your hair care, but hair oil treatment is an age long process & is quite appreciated too. Oil is necessary for every hair texture, like for dry hair application of caster as well as almond oil has been identified to be quite effective, for oily hair 2 hours is quite enough & you should wash your hair after that. Vitamin A containing oil is found to be quite helpful for hair. For treating dandruff a mixture of lukewarm coconut oil along with lemon juice is very useful.Proper application of hair oil:
Make sure that you are applying oil over your scalp (gently massage). Scalp needs some quality oil for proper nourishment.
Never ever use soap to take off the oil just before shampoo.
You need to apply oil before shampooing your hair. Firstly make several parts of your hair & then use cotton to smear oil over scalp as well as on your hair.
Oil is an excellent conditioner which can protect your hair thoroughly.
After applying oil combing become easy. It’s able to removing maze.
Some home made conditioners:
Normal coconut oil has been found to be quite effective for your hair. You can also prepare a mixture of coconut oil (2 tsp) along with beaten egg (1) & then gently massage over your hair. Allow it to stay for almost 20-25 minutes & then wash it well.
Prepare a mixture of honey & water (a glass of water with 1 tsp of honey). Now smear it over your hair. It will give you some effective result.
You can use a live-in conditioner in your oily hair. Add the juice of one lemon to the sieved water of tea leaves. You can apply this water on your scalp and hair. Do not wash it with water after applying it.


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