Premature Ejaculation cure

Premature ejaculation or early climax means men spew out sperms sooner than expected by their partner. This sexual problem is usually faced by young aged men. In this, the ejaculation latency is too less. This problem usually heals with age but if not, it is a matter of concern. Premature ejaculation may lead to anxiety, stress and embarrassment. It may also hamper the sex life of a couple as it can annoy or frustrate your partner. There are combinations of culprits to facilitate this premature ejaculation. It may include stress, anxiety, infrequent sex, penile hypersensitivity and more. All these factors are responsible for the early semen expel in men.

Now the question arises How to boost male libido ?! There are number of mechanisms to cure this sexual disorder. These mechanisms include psychoanalysis, sex therapy, self-treatment and medication.

Consulting a psychoanalyst may help men to revive from this problem exponentially. Since stress and anxiety are one of the root causes of this premature climax, it can be well controlled under the guidance of a psychologist. Sharing with him can help boost the confidence in men. Medication is one such technique to overcome the anxiety faced by men in day to day life. Both these mechanisms are beneficial to maintain a mental balance of men suffering from premature ejaculation.

The sex therapy includes start-and-stop technique in which a man masturbates or stimulates till the point of orgasm and stops. After repeating this process for good 4 times, he finally ejaculates the sperms. This helps in increasing the ejaculation latency. Also, distracting mind from the thoughts of sexual activities can help lessen this disorder.

Medical treatments can also be employed to get rid of this problem. There are several products available in the market to help people fight against this sexual disorder. The optimum solution for the much popping query of what to do about premature ejaculation is generic viagra for sale, the Golden Cordycepin/ Ginseng capsules. These Chinese herbal medicines are an excellent male low sex drive remedies . These medicines come in the form of capsules and tonics for male enhancements. They are purely made from herbal components and are absolutely health friendly. Also, these medicines are tested to prove that they have no side effects. This product shows merits in enhancing the ejaculation latency and men potency. This medicine starts showing upshot in .5 to 3 hours and has a long term effects of xtend male enhancementwhich lasts upto 72 hours. By solving the sexual disorders of early climax, these herbal medicines prevent suffering men from embarrassment in front of their partner.

Consumptions of these medicines will surely empower men facing the sex problem of early ejaculation by increasing the time during the sexual intercourse. They act as catalyst to enhance the foreplay with your partner. The Sanlida medicines are absolutely safe to use and will definitely show positive results in enhancing your sex life. These medicines will surely eradicate stress and anxiety men feel during sexual failures. You can order our products online and we will deliver to you at your doorstep.

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How To Deal With Traumatic Stress?

Traumatic events like accidents, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or violent crimes can turn your life upside down, whether it is you who is involved in the event or a loved one. Repeated exposure to the horrific images of the event can increase your traumatic stress, leading to fatal consequences. By following a few steps you can calm your nervous system and regain control over your emotions and life.

Step #1: Recognize the signs and symptoms of traumatic stress

Traumatic stress can trigger a wide range of emotions and physical reactions that may be intense, confusing and even frightening. They generally come and go in waves. At times you may feel anxious and jumpy; and at other times you may feel numb and disconnected. Here are a few signs and symptoms of traumatic stress that you need to be aware of:

Emotional signs and symptoms of traumatic stress:

  • Fear
  • Shock and disbelief
  • Helplessness
  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Remorse

Physical symptoms of traumatic stress:

  • Pounding heart
  • Trembling or shaking
  • Lump in the throat or a choked up feeling
  • Rapid breathing
  • Racing thoughts
  • Tightening or churning of the stomach
  • Dizziness
  • Cold sweats

Most of these symptoms are what people normally face when they come across a traumatic event. However, they do tend to fade away once life starts returning to normalcy.

Step #2: Stop reliving the traumatic event

Thinking about the traumatic event repeatedly or viewing the horrific images of the event over and over can only do harm to your nervous system, stopping you from thinking clearly. Try and keep your mind occupied by watching a movie, reading a book, cooking, or even playing with your kids. Focus on moving on with your life.

Step #3: Reestablish your routine

After a traumatic event, try as much as possible to get back to your normal routine. As they say there is a lot of comfort in the familiar. In case you are unable to get back to your school or work, try and structure your day by establishing a routine at home. Have regular timing for eating, sleeping, relaxing, and spending time with family.

Step #4: Avoid media exposure

People surviving or witnessing a trauma generally tend to watch the media coverage of the event. While there may be a few who may actually regain their sense of control through this, there are many who may find it absolutely disturbing and traumatizing. As far as possible, limit your media exposure to the event. Stop watching the news or checking social media until you find your traumatic symptoms easing up. If you have to stay updated, you can instead read the newspaper.

Step#5: Reach out to others

Even if you are tempted to withdraw from your friends after a traumatic event, you have to make efforts to try and connect with them, face to face. Such actions can help relieve your traumatic stress. You don’t have to talk about the event. Just feel connected with others and involve yourself in social activities. Do things you would normally do, before the event.

If you think getting some compensation would help you get over your traumatic stress, you may benefit by hiring a personal injury attorney.  is a fine place to give it a start.

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Foot Pain: 4 Ways To Relieve Discomfort When Running

While running is excellent exercise, it can put a tremendous strain on your feet. Sore and swollen feet are unfortunately common for runners, but you don’t have to suffer. There are all kinds of remedies to help you out. Here are four ways to relieve discomfort when running.

mmj doctor online

New Shoes

Your footwear is of the utmost importance when running. If your shoes are worn out or not made for running, your feet are going to suffer. You need to have proper running shoes in order to protect your feet. Look for shoes that have proper traction and fit your feet correctly. Should your shoes be giving you blisters or soreness, it’s time to ditch them. Running can be demanding, but it doesn’t mean your feet need to be treated poorly.

Soak Feet

Just like how you need a drink of water after running, so do your feet. Soaking your feet in water will help to keep down swelling and soreness. After a run, soak your feet in some cool water. Even if they feel generally good, it’s still good practice to nurture them. Should you be especially sore, you can try an ice pack. Give your feet as much attention and time to recover as possible.

See a Doctor

If you’re experiencing foot discomfort but can’t place what exactly you’re feeling, you should see a foot doctor. They will examine your feet and see what any of the symptoms are. Be sure to pay close attention to their diagnosis. If they give you any special instructions, follow them. You want to bring your feet back to health as quickly as possible.

Groom Your Feet

To help reduce strain on your feet, you need to give them as much maintenance as possible. Not only does it ensure that they look better, it can also keep them in better shape for running. You want to apply anti-fungal creams and trim your toenails regularly. Treat your feet with as much respect as any other part of your body, and you’ll have a much better running experience.

When you learn how to recover from foot pain, you help  yourself out tremendously. Your running experience will be much better, as you won’t have to worry about any sore feet keeping you down. Plus, you can push yourself and reach heights you previously didn’t realize were popular. Take note of these remedies and remember how to keep your feet in good shape.

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The Exciting Truth About Laughter As Amazing Medicine.

We are sometimes in the company of complainers. They drag down the mood of all they come in touch. Can we be accused of this demeanour on some occasions as well?  Maybe it seems impossible to wear a happy face all the time. And it’s not easy to laugh at ourselves, particularly when we are feeling anxious and vulnerable. However, becoming willing to see the humour in our any foibles, learning not to take ourselves so seriously is well worth the effort. The lucky ones among us learnt this trait many years earlier, and we recognise them instantly. We generally love being around them, too.

Laughter is good medicine. Whether it is at ourselves or just at a situation or a smart movie, laughter lightens our mood, thus lightening whatever burden we might be carrying.

Amazing MedicineWhen we were growing, most of us had fears about financial instability, war, our children and our careers. Life does have many dangerous aspects,  But we were never required to handle any of them alone. If we believe in the God of understanding, all the burdens were more readily accepted. That gave us more time to breathe more easily. Laughter was in the past was more frequent. It can be more frequent now,  too. It ‘s merely a decision to see every circumstance with a lighter heart. It is so much more fun to laugh than to complain. It’s my choice today.

The type of humour you use also depends on how well you know the person. After the risque Internet cartoons, you forward to your friend in the next cubical can’t be sent to the supervisor! Also, remember that each has his or her limits as to what is funny.

Jest in Time

So how do you add courage and spontaneity to a dull day at the office? The trick is to loosen up a bit and find humour in everyday situations. In “301 Ways to Have Fun at work”, authors Hemsath and Leslie Yerkessay,” To infuse fun into your work environment, you must value pleasure as important, you must value fun as essential. Positive energy high self-esteem and motivation characterise a situation that fosters fun. Haven’t the vaguest clue as to what you should joke And when?  You don’t have to be a stand-up comedienne with a bag full of gags. Simply joke about yourself, “I tell my colleagues about all the mad-cap adventures I have just getting to work. – Every day. ” says Natasha Hingorani, 24, marketing trainee. Self – deprecatory humour works well because it says, ” She can laugh at her foibles, she’s human, she can take a joke. ” And when to laugh at yourself you don’t risk offending others. Diversionary humour is another effective way of defusing a stressful situation.

So when tempers and reports are across the office, try to create a humorous distraction. It will give people a chance to calm down and see things from another perspective. ” Humor is a great stress buster. Any argument can be dissolved if your presence of mind to see the lighter side, says Piali Bai,27, events coordinator, “I use my wit to put across an awkward point which would otherwise rub people up the wrong way” Also consider what type of humour would be acceptable in your particular workplace.

For instance, if you work for an organisation where posting caricatures on the notice board is frowned upon, don’t expect to get away with hosting a Costume Day at the office.

It isn’t funny

“Good humour has nothing to do with playing goofy practical jokes and laughing at your boss’ silly one-liners. It has everything to do with people and not at them. If the other person doesn’t like your comment, it is not funny.,’ States Raote. Humour is in poor taste when you make wise crackles about someone to mask your jealousy/ aggression. When you cross over from being funny to being derogatory workplace tension shoots up, and office unity is fractured?

If you crack a joke at someone else’s expense, it can be more harmful than helpful than your since your colleagues are sure to avoid you, “says Sarina D’mello. 24, writer and producer of a dot com.

1. There has to be bond of trust so that your drool comments are not misinterpreted.

2. “Sexual innuendoes, racial slurs and religious bigotry are no joking matters. So, steer clear of them. These days, the issue of humour and political and correctness in the workplace is loaded. So, unless you want to make enemies, avoid being offensive.  ” I played around with the scanned photographs of my Office’s Annual Day function and saved them as everyone’s screensaver: I changed my CEOs on his secretary’s body while her face got interchanged with the peon’s. The rest of my colleagues were given exaggerated facial expression and funny captions too. But this ticked off my colleagues and my boss had a firm word with me,” grimaces Bima Kapadia”, 23, graphic designer, “At that time, I thought it was a cool prank, but in retrospect, I realise that it broke the rules of propriety. When the jokes on you, it is not funny.”

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How Cannabis Can Help Patients Healing From a Spinal Cord Injury

When you go into local San Francisco dispensaries, you will see people from all walks of life. Some are there for recreational activities, but others are there for their relief or the relief of their loved ones. The legalization of cannabis has opened up a whole new world to people that are suffering from various ailments. There are currently 30 states that allow for the use of marijuana for medical reasons and nine that allow for recreational use. In this article, we are going to go over the medical uses of marijuana and specifically whether cannabis can help patients healing from a spinal cord injury.

Spinal Cord InjurySpinal cord injuries (SCIs) affect as many as 450,000 people in the United States. Each year there are 12,000 new cases that add to the number of SCIs in America. There are varied reasons for these injuries such as car crashes, falls, and violence. Injuries to the spinal cord can cause long-lasting effects, and if treated improperly, things will be even worse. While SCIs are some of the most traumatic events with long-lasting symptoms and challenges, cannabis is coming to the forefront as a way to help patients.

What Is An SCI?

When you are living with an SCI, you are likely to notice a major drop in the quality of life. Your spinal cord is a vital messenger from the body to the brain. This bundle of nerves is responsible for carrying signals from the brain to the body so you can function.

When the spinal cord experiences trauma, the signals in the spinal cord are disrupted which causes significant loss of functions. Depending on whether the injury is complete or incomplete, there will be a varying amount of function that is lost.

If you are experiencing a complete spinal cord injury, this happens when the spinal cord is unable to send a signal beyond the site of the injury. With a complete spinal cord injury, there is a total loss of function as well as the inability to experience sensations below the injury. With an incomplete spinal cord injury, you experience partial functioning and sensational from the point of injury.

There are many possible side effects that come with SCIs which include, but are not limited to:

  • Severe pain
  • Muscle spasticity
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of bowel & bladder control

How Is Cannabis Able to Help?

Whether you are new to looking into cannabis for medical help or you’ve been researching for a long time, the latest findings related to the applications of cannabis and the medical field are promising.

Cannabinoids in cannabis can help with multiple symptoms associated with SCIs. While research is still in the early stages, some benefits have already been confirmed.

Help with Muscle Spasticity

When dealing with muscle spasticity, it can affect how you can move, speak and do other day to day tasks. 65%-78% of people that have an SCI live with muscle spasticity that can inhibit their quality of life. When using marijuana, patients can see a decrease in spasticity which makes it easier to go on with life.

Help with Pain

While opioid pain medications are usually the first line of defense when it comes to pain with SCI patients, these treatments can cause severe symptoms as well as slow down the healing process. When these pain medications were the only option for patients, there wasn’t much you could do, but now with marijuana as an option, patients as able to experience pain relief without the side effects.

Help with Bladder Activity

Always being on the lookout for the bathroom isn’t always enough when you have an SCI and overactive bladder. Sometimes you don’t make it because of a spasm that hits you at an inopportune time. This can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, and marijuana can help.

Using marijuana can help to reduce the overactivity in the bladder, so you can go when you need to go; not when your spasms decide you need to go.

Is Cannabis Right for You?

If you are experiencing pain and other symptoms from an SCI, you may be considering marijuana as a treatment. While marijuana is a valid treatment, many doctors will not use it as the first line of defense and will often encourage you to use other methods before going down this road.

While pharmaceuticals are all tested widely on various types of people, marijuana does not have to go through the FDA, and there are various strains which can react to your body differently. If you do decide to use marijuana as a treatment, make sure to work with your doctor so you can get the best results. Using marijuana is a good experience for some people, and others experience feelings of anxiety and other issues.


While research is still new in regards to marijuana and its applications in the medical field, SCI patients are hopeful and continue to try out the method to experience relief. Depending on how you consume the medical marijuana, you may get instant relief, or you may have to wait around a week to start noticing the effects.

If you smoke marijuana, you get instant results, but if you want to use edibles or transdermal patches, you will need to wait longer to feel the effects of the medical marijuana. There is no best way to use medical marijuana; only the best way for you.

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7 best useful energetic foods

It is not always possible to sleep eight hours a day. For those of us who are in constant stress or suffer from lack of sleep, there is one, or more precisely 7 ways to recharge energy and gain strength, without resorting to energy drinks, because of which, afterwards, we feel broken. The list of 7 main foods that will give you energy and strength:

  1. Eggs

Egg yolks are rich in vitamin B, responsible for converting food to energy, and contain vitamin D, which strengthens bones. Moreover, they are a rich source of protein, which is especially important in intensive training, after which there is often muscle pain.


  1. Coffee

When you need to cheer up quickly, a small dose of caffeine will help. A cup of coffee allows you to exercise much more efficiently, and it is also a great drink to have before workout. Coffee with skim milk will provide the body with calcium and vitamin D, as well as with energy.

  1. Green soybeans

Soybeans are rich in nutrients, especially vitamin B, copper and phosphorus. B-complex of vitamins promotes the transformation of carbohydrates into glucose, and at the same time nourishes all the cells of the body with oxygen. Copper and phosphorus promote the transformation of food into energy, which is deposited in cells for further use by the body.

  1. Whole grain cereals

Whole grain cereals slow the release of glucose into the bloodstream, which provides the body with energy for the whole day.

  1. Water

Water is one of the main factors for maintaining the body in a tone. When dehydrated, the body loses its strength faster than when it is hungry. Water is responsible for delivering the nutrients from which we receive energy to the blood. It also removes accumulated slags and toxins from the body, which make us fatigue. Without enough water, our body will not be able to process food into energy, and, therefore, it will cease to work. During the day, drink more water, especially before and after exercising.

  1. Quinoa

Quinoa is a gluten-free cereal that contains more protein than any other cereal. It is so rich in amino acids that it is considered a source of high-grade protein, lysine, methionine and cysteine. This is the ideal food for eating after exercising, which allows to build muscle. It also contains folic acid, magnesium, phosphorus and manganese, which makes quinoa a valuable source of carbohydrates for maintaining the body in tone.

  1. Pumpkin seeds

A handful of raw or baked pumpkin seeds will fill you with strength and energy for training. Pumpkin seeds are a source of protein, healthy fats and fiber, and help you to be toned.

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Top 6: The Most Harmful Foods

In order to lose weight, it is not necessary to torment yourself with diets and go to the gym every day. It is enough to remove all the most harmful foods from your daily diet. At first, it may seem difficult, even impossible, but over time the body adapts and ceases to ask for harmful foods. Here is the list of six most harmful foods:

1. Chips. By itself, potatoes are not a useful vegetable, no matter in what form it is cooked. However, nothing natural remains of potatoes if to make chips: carcinogens, oil, flavors and nothing more. Frequent eating of chips can lead to oncological diseases, as well as to weight problems. The same can be said about French fries.
2. Soda. Dyed water with bubbles is much more harmful than gouache, diluted in water and diluted with sugar. There is an opinion that it is very tasty to drink fast food with soda, but this is not healthy: soda dulls the feeling of hunger, thereby forcing to eat another hamburger. By the way, Coca Cola Light is no better than the usual Cola, it contains a sugar substitute, which is many times more harmful than usual sugar.
3. Fast food. It is very obvious that this food will be on the list of the most harmful foods. Try to name at least some of its pluses, except for the speed and cheapness. They are not here. To quickly satisfy hunger, you can cook a similar sandwich of cheese, vegetables, lettuce, and shrimps. Of course, it should be without sauce and mayonnaise.
4. Mayonnaise. It is about shop mayonnaise. If you stop using this sauce, you can see how your waist becomes slimmer in a couple of weeks. You can also add ketchup and all kinds of sauces to mayonnaise. They contain flavors, fats and flavor enhancers, and there are no natural constituents in them. It is better to replace all this with low-fat sour cream. It will be both tastier and more useful.
5. Salt and sugar. As it is known, both salt and sugar are a white death. Salt prevents the passage of water in the body and is deposited in the most unnecessary places. With sugar all is more obvious – for all who wants to lose excess weight it is the enemy number one. It is completely impossible to refuse these foods, but if you try, you can soon get used to the natural taste of food. Sugar can be replaced with honey.
6. Alcohol. Everyone knows about the harm of alcohol drinks. To drink alcoholic beverages once a week is already alcoholism, not knowing how to spend a sober holiday – the same. First of all, it is worth to give up cheap alcohol like bottled beer and cheap wine. The next step is to get acquainted with a non-drinking company.

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Positive results of female Viagra

The women who feel lack to concentrate on the satisfaction of male partner sexual activities solve the obstacles in a right way. In the internet world, many women were still searching for the solution; here you can get the benefits easier. The female Viagra includes sildenafil but it’s not useful to treat the sexual dysfunction specifically in women. The name of female Viagra is popular everywhere because of spreading positive reviews. It is guaranteed in women increase the sexual pleasure and activities of female sexual well. Viagra may increase the blood flow for the cause of better sexual stimulation or gain the chance of positive effects. Mainly, the female sexual reactions hard and many sexual issues because of difficulties with desire lack, difficulties of arousal or both. Several factors may control the women sexual desire like stress, menopause, elusive orgasm, diabetes, etc.

Positive results of female Viagra:-

The one who practice intake of Viagra get the right result at the right time. Now, the women experience with changes in sexual function and consult the doctor. The hormones, medications, clitoral stimulation, creams or some treatments are helpful one. The experienced therapist recommends the patients to take a look at the safe Viagra intake to solve sexual desire lack. The women who are not before experienced any of the medications don’t worry it is suitable to you. The female Viagra will get back the absent of sexual fantasies or thoughts and helpful for stimulation. The women may enjoy the durable sexual activities and excellent arousal. The medication targets the brain and makes the hormone balance secretion from various glands. It focuses on the neurotransmitters or some chemicals present in the brain contact for the quick sexual response. The involvement of positive chemicals in the medication gives the sexual excitement and no negative effects. It keeps your sex drive active and gets promising benefits from the formulated drug. You can simply treat the arousal disorders with the best medication and start the pleasurable sexual life. This medication will deal with wide range of sexual problems in both men and women.

Special offers female viagra online:-

Whatever, the issues that still let you lack and absence of sexual activities make sure the right dose level of female Viagra medication. The women who want to buy female Viagra should bear in mind the top quality and brand name of female Viagra for life changes. The healthier sex life may keep the person happier all the time. The female Viagra may intend to deliver the durable pleasure in the sexual intercourse. It increases the sensitivity which convenient to stimulate as well orgasms level. The sexual satisfaction works through relaxing the smooth muscles and blood vessels present all over the female genitalia. The muscles relaxed and blood flow developed as well the blood flow increased easily aroused. The increase of vaginal lubrication and starts working before an hour and it may differ based on the women body condition. It is durable up to six hours by the active ingredients in the medication.

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