Acne Scars


If you have acne problems, then you know how tiresome they can be. Sometimes you might have new acne propping up, and usually when people talk to you, their eyes go to your acne.
So it’s a little embarrassing to have such a skin problems. However with the right acne and skin care, you can do wonders to improve the quality of your skin, and make sure you never suffer from acne again.
Some suffer from ice pick scars – which look more or less like giant pores. They are so named because it looks as if the skin has been jabbed with an ice pick. Actually, what has happened is that the pore has been destroyed by acne which was deeply embedded in the skin – this worked its way to the surface and destroyed the live cells. There are also acne pit scars – which are indented like wider shallow pits, these have been caused by the formation of cysts which destroyed the skin – they leave behind scar tissue. And then some people have raised scars – which happens when one has several cysts together, the raised scar tissue is formed on the skin’s surface.
But when it comes to effective acne and skin care, the best thing you can possibly do is to deal with it right away. Don’t neglect your skin problems. Immediately try natural remedies which can be very effective – such as rubbing a slice of lemon on the acne, or rubbing some aloe vera gel on the affected area. But if your acne problems are too severe and you see that the natural remedies are not working, then do consult a dermatologist about surgical procedures that you can undergo to deal with your acne problems. For instance, ice pick scars can be dealt with by going for laser resurfacing or even dermabrasion. For the deeper scars, you can try augmentation.
One very important thing that you should remember is that you should never pick the zits – this not only creates infection from the bacteria present in your hands, but it also tends to leave behind lasting scars. Just look at Justin Bieber and you will know why he has such great skin.


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